Here’s what some of my customer’s had to say about their Freelance Speech.

(Names are anonymised as all my speeches are guaranteed 100% confidential.)

A funny speech for all ages in the audience. Really helped me to stop being so anxious of how and what to write.
Once I received the completed draft I was put as ease right away which allowed me to relax and prepare for the up and coming wedding. Service from start to finish was excellent.

The finished speech went down really well at the wedding with people coming up shaking my hand on how well I delivered it. The delivery was helped with the instruction I received from Simon. ★★★★

Mark A

Thank you. We had a Wonderful Day. The Speech went down very well. Got lots of laughs. [Our daughter] was shocked. She was only expecting something short.

D & R

Service at short notice was excellent. Alterations to first draft made very quickly and were necessary mainly due to lack of information provided by myself. The speech went well, I’m told, even though I felt I stumbled my way through it. in fact quite a few people said it really good and to some was the best speech of the day

My daughter who knows me well was convinced that I would not do a speech at all was over the moon that I produced and read it.

To conclude great service great speech thank you so much. ★★★★★

Les C


The speech was a great success, no nerves, perhaps there should have been some. My Daughter was pleasantly surprised as to it’s quality. Many people approached me afterwards saying how much they appeciated it, some ladies even reduced to tears One husband even saying it was the best wedding speech he had ever heard.

Many thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

Peter S

Just to let you know our daughter wedding was on Friday. My daughter told me on the morning of the wedding that the speeches were going to be done after our meal. So I had a few wines. l was a bit nervous but the speech went down well. A few people had few tears and then people were laughing.

Many people came up to me and say it was a great speech. So many thanks for your help.

Ken W

Speech was blinding mate! Had everyone in tears it made the day.  – David F

David F

Hi Simon,

The speech was very well received and I was congratulated by many of the guests. We all had a lovely day and the happy couple are jetting off to sunnier climes tomorrow morning.

Thanks once more for all your help in making me sound good.

Alan W

Hi Simon,

Speech went great thanks

Really helped with the way it was set out, especially the pauses! 


Nick C

The wedding speech helped at a time when things were hectic, to say the least, organising everything for the big day. It took away the stress, whilst allowing me to feel like a big part of it.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have much of an input, and that I was taking the ‘easy route’ out by not preparing anything. But on the contrary, my input, the constant contact and ability to make as many amendments to drafts as I saw fit, made me feel like a big part of it.

Simon T

Hi Simon,

The speech was fantastic. Everybody said it was great and your tips helped me so much! Thank you!
My Daughter was in tears as was everyone else.
I really can’t thank you enough. You made a very daunting thing very easy for me. ★★★★★


Paul F